About Us

We're so very pleased that you decided to stop by! Perhaps you'd like to know a little bit about us and our mission.

It all started with a twelve year old girl - Grace. An addicted crafter, she wanted desperately to have a blog to sell things that she made, and so in May of 2011, she created Birds of a Feather. 

Being twelve, it didn't take very long for it to get rather boring and lonely (seeing as the only follower and viewer was her mother....), and so she invited her friend Katrina to join Birds of a Feather! Friends since they were five and six, they quickly started having fun, and actually make a sale here and there.  

Well, after a few months, Grace told Julia about Birds of a Feather, and shortly thereafter she joined up and we became a trio. 

It was very fun to try and sell stuff, make business cards, and post posts, but we were.....well....unheard of. We made a sale perhaps once every three months? 

It got kinda depressing.......

So we decided a few months ago to do something much more productive - a blog blog. 

Another thing - if you google "birds of a feather", there are thousands (literally) of blogs and companies with that name. Our blog doesn't even show up on the tenth page! (And who even searches to the tenth page anyway?) So with that being said, we decided to change our name to "Pebbles & Peaches". 

It's short, punchy, and there's only one Etsy shop out there called Peaches and Pebbles, so I think we're good. ;) 

Stay awhile! We'd love a new reader.