New Blog Design!

Hey there all ya'll.

If you haven't noticed, we got a new blog design!!! *loud cheers echo from the crowds*

We bought it from the BEST ETSY BLOG DESIGN SHOP THERE IS. I swear.

So the shop is called "Minty Fox Designs", run by Crissy Maciel. Guys, the most expensive blogger designs in her shop are $20. Seriously. And her cheapest right now? $3.45

We chose the Samantha Snow design and just added our own background to spice it up a little. Chrissy was so awesome to work with! I really recommend her shop to anyone looking for a cheap but pretty design.

In addition, she also sells Storenvy designs, Blogger add-ons, etsy banners, and a alot of other groovy stuff. :) Check her out!!


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