Caru Skin Care | Etsy Shop Reveiw

This last week I had the privilege of doing a review for Caru Skin Care!

Dominique sent me a lovely little bottle of Tulsi & Lavender Body Scrub - oh the loveliness!! ;)

I loved how full she packs her jars. It is not at all one of those buy-a-bag-of-chips-and-half-of-it-is-air situations. ;)

Anyway, the seller was so cooperative and nice, she shipped out really quickly, her products were lovely (seriously, I wish you smell this stuff - 😍 it is really amazing...). I know I will be a returning customer. 

This body scrub makes me smell soooo nice and it feels amazing!

Please at least look at her shop - she has a variety of products I'm itching to try, and I'm sure you could really find something you like. :D 

Thank you a hundred times, Dominique. 


  1. thx for following my blog! you have an awesome blog. :)

    1. Thank you, Sophia! Your blog sweet too. :)


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