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Hey guys, sorry we have two Etsy shop reveiws right in a row, but we think you're gonna like this one. ;)

I was invited to write a little review about an etsy shop called Lizzie Luvs 2 Recycle, so here goes.

Lizzie Luvs 2 Recycle is a fun shop filled with many vintage­-styled and creative products. Some of these products include Vintage Celestial Map Covered Sketchbooks, Wool Flower Ponytail Bands, Vintage Style Purses, and much more!


I was blessed to have a Vintage Map Covered Sketchbook, a Vintage Button Bracelet, and a Vintage Domino Pendant sent to me to review. I must say, I was very excited to see the package in my mailbox. As I opened the box, I noted how well the items were packed into the box; neat and safe.

First, I slid out the sketchbook, displaying a map of part of California on the cover. This sketchbook so beautiful. It’s 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide, filled with about 80 blank pages. The map covering the outside of the book is adhered wonderfully, and looks very neat on the inside. You can actually see the fold lines on the map, which I think makes it look even cooler! I’ve already filled many of the pages with doodles and such. At a very reasonable price, $18 is worth spending for this beautiful sketchbook.


I also found two small, brown boxes inside the larger box as well, both displaying the shop’s logo on the lid. I opened one to find the Vintage Button Bracelet wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap. It’s hard not to fall in love with this bracelet. Vintage buttons are strung together with two strings of elastic, which makes it very sturdy. Most of the buttons are ivory or a clear whiteish color, with a few dark purple or black buttons thrown in as well. As it is written in the product’s description, the some of the buttons may even be 80 years old, which is my favorite part about this bracelet. I had fun looking at each button on the bracelet, finding two or three buttons with little flower­like designs on them! It’s comfortable to wear, and just my size! $7 is a great price for this wonderful, unique bracelet.


In the other little box, I found that the last product I had received was the Vintage Domino Pendant. This pendant is a sweet little piece of jewelry is one­-of­-a­-kind. There’s a fancy, silver loop on top so you can hang it from any cord or string you want. The domino I received is dark brown and has a picture of a fairy­-like character lying in yellow flowers, with a clear, glossy sealer. The rest of the domino has a clear coat of finish as well. Finally, three charms hang off the bottom with white beads to match the image on the domino. It’s very unique because not another one is sold like it, although it is virtually the same as the other pendants for sale, the design is the only difference. Set at the same price as the sketchbook, I think it’s a pretty fair price for this beautiful pendant.


To conclude my review, I am very happy with the items I was sent. Everything is recycled, which I think is very cool. I have loved looking through the other items in the shop, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves vintage, creative, and beautiful products.


Check out the shop here!

­~ Julia Nargis

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